Monday, December 27, 2010

in love

so last night i went to bed with a dragon. His name was toothless. actually last night i went to bed with my nephew Christian who only let me call him toothless the dragon. we had the cutest conversation and i was dying at the fact i didn't have a camera on hand to record it. BUT to the best of my knowledge i will try to recap the conversation!

Christian: (walking into the bedroom) when i get bigger you can ride on my back but for right now evan can ride on my back.
Me: Oh Christian I can hardly wait.
C: My name is not Christian its TOOTHLESS (as he is growling)
M: sorry toothless.
C: I am a Bugga (baby) toothless but when i get older i will be a Bluefur.
M: whats a blurfur toothless?
C: its a big dragon
M: Wow! Does dragons give aunties kisses?
C: yeah (gets really close to my face and lets out a giant) GROWLLLLLL. (rolls over laughing)
M: toothless i want a kiss
C: (kisses my hand and closes it) can you hold my kisses?

Oh my goodness. melt my heart why dont you chrissypoo.

i miss them already my little eva bugga and chrissy!

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