Wednesday, June 24, 2009

a little bit of dillusional laughter is contagious.

So apparently once midnight hits my roomate and I become dillusional. Its rediculous. What started out as an eye photoshoot for Katie's photo class turned into trashy rachel and skanky katie taking an obsessive amount of pictures until 2:30 in the morning. Rediculous. But so fun! I recommend it to all who want a little stress removed from their life.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

i think about you in the summertime!

so sad. i get so caught up in reading everyone elses blog i forget about my own. i am very disapointed in myself. so in my disapointment i will try to redeem myself by giving a fabulous update. translation: putting off studying for my two midterms tomorrow!

Because so much has happened i will just have to do little teasers.

First off: Let me introduce you to the 5 beautiful girls i have been living with!
This ofcourse is Katie-poor girl shares a room with me!

While being back in Rexy town I have been able to visit Melissa the beautiful a few times. miss her just a little bit.

Also made a quick trip to Provo for a haircut and meet a couple people that belong to Katie's life!


Went home for Memoral weekend and spent it camping on the beach. These are just some of the cutest girls ever!
Was able to get some love from my favorite nephew!

Also while I was home I was able to see my classroom full of kids! I went on a fieldtrip with them and spent most of the time at dress rehearsals. My favorite part of the week at home by far had to be on Friday when I spent all day doing hair and make up with these beauitful little girls! They preformed in my little musical "Dig It", that my talented mom of course put on! I just already miss those little teenagers a little bit and was very sad to say goodbye to some of them probably for the last time. My prayers will always be with them and that they will be able to overcome those struggles that the world has already placed on them.

Now I am back in Idaho just finishing up the last half of the semester!!!! On Monday I registered for my last semester of COLLEGE! I CAN'T even BELIEVE IT! The end is in sight!!!