Sunday, December 21, 2008

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

snow in fremont?

okay so my time at Idaho has come to an end...well until April. Which brings mixed feelings. I love my girls but am grateful to be leaving the biter cold and snow. SO I THOUGHT! WHAT? I somehow brought back the winter with me to California. I don't think i have ever been this cold in Fremont-So when i woke up Tuesday morning and started driving to work i noticed a white little blanket of SNOW on top of mission peak...WHAT??? It snows in Fremont? Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas...but Okay snow..time to leave California and head back to your home in Idaho.

As for now here is a quick picture post of my last day in Idaho...Love you girls and miss you so much.

Melissa and Katie!

Monday, December 8, 2008

wrapping up the semester!

Sadly the semester is coming to an end. 4 more days left until i head back to some warm sunshiney weather in california! :) Just a quick update. Our apartment got the cutest Christmas tree ever, and its REAL! I have never ever had a real Christmas tree and so this is a lovely change!
My cute roomies decorating our tree!
Because our FHE brothers are pretty much bomb...we went and had a bonfire at the sand dunes. Besides the fact that my toes were freezing off it was a blast!
STADIUM SINGING! Something you HAVE participae in when you go to BYU-Idaho!SECRET SANTA!!!! snowed. I am trying real hard to be positive about it...but besides the fact that my pants are drenched, i am walking very carefully and it is a tad bit cold it definetly adds to the Christmas feeling!

Monday, December 1, 2008

i sure am grateful!

Happy thanksgiving...a couple days late! Just a quick update. i had a fabulous week off... :) Here is just a quick list of all the things i enjoyed doing:

*Rock Band
*Mashed Potatoes
*seeing Kim at work!
*catching up with all the fremont friends!
*taking pictures with jorge
*being with my family!
*sleeping in my magical bed!
...and many other things!

Thanksgiving! On our way up to Meadow View

JORGE! My life is so much better when he is around!

Now i am back to school for two more weeks...then home sweet home :)