Monday, February 8, 2010

seattle-the sleepy city!

So the trip this past weekend was SEATTLE! Can I just say love the city until about 9 at night and then realize that the only thing open is Starbucks-which is located on every block. It's rediculous. So I have come to except that perhaps Seattle will never be a city that I will live in seeing that Coffee is not a part of my life.

Although Kim and I often shut down early for the evening our days were busy busy!
Pike's Place Market-I am in love. I would love to visit the market daily and get fresh flowers, fruits and veggies. It was so fun and everything looked so delicious! We made it to the market everyday that we were there!Jack's Mannequin and Fun concert- HELLO! There is nothing that I love more than seeing my favorite band Jack's jamming out on his piano will singing to me! It was heaven-yet again for the third time! Seattle Underground Tour- Just a little history-in 1889 there was a huge fire in Seattle. Instead of rebuilding the city as it was before, they made two strategic decisions: that all new buildings must be of stone or brick, and to regrade the streets one to two stories higher than the original street grade. We were able to go under the old seattle and see what it would have been like after they had built the city up.Seattle Ferry- This was my grey's anatomy experience. I felt like Mcdreamy would walk onto the ferry with his coffee and lean over the ferry staring at Seattle. It was perfect!

Seattle Space Needle- This by far was one of my favorite things we did. It was so incredible to see all of Seattle at the top of this needle. The food was delicious and it was a perfect ending to our weekend!
The W Hotel- HEAVEN. The best word to descibe our hotel is Swanky. Enough Said.
It was an incredible weekend!

Up next Ecuador, Guatemala and Peru

Monday, February 1, 2010

Hola Mexico!

So this weekend I made my first trip to Mexico on a cruise. My weekend consisted of REAL mexican food, hot tubing, lots of stairs, Christian, eating, eating, eating, blow holes, karaoke, tatoo's, eating, laughing, lots of drunk people, friends and family!

i wish