Monday, January 3, 2011

good bye kathlean st.

warning. this post may be a little dramatic.

today i leave my home behind. i am one of those lucky people have had the same home my whole life. sure i moved away for a couple years but at the end of the day it has always been here waiting for me. lots of memories were shared here with my family and friends over the years. i have lived in the same room, second door on the left. and while it has been my home for the past 24 years of my life it has always been my place of refuge. regardless of what was going on in my life i could always escape to my fremont home and jump into my bed and know that i could find comfort there. one of the hardest parts about all of this is not leaving my home behind but leaving the people. i know people have come and gone over the years but i am different here. i feel like i am my complete self. i love the people here and they love me. no one passes judgement and i feel that i can be myself. what excites me the most about moving is also a fear of mine. i get to be whoever i want in utah. i can be my best self. and so while i am closing this chapter of my life here in fremont i know that a whole other one awaits me. there will be some big decisions and changes made in the next year of my life that i feel will change the direction of my life. and so farewell 41121 kathlean st. thank you for preparing me for this step out into reality. be nice to me world, i am a little vulnerable right now.

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Adventures of the Andersons said...

Ahh... sad. Youre such a good writer you almost had me crying. Miss you. LOve you. Hang in there!