Monday, December 27, 2010

in love

so last night i went to bed with a dragon. His name was toothless. actually last night i went to bed with my nephew Christian who only let me call him toothless the dragon. we had the cutest conversation and i was dying at the fact i didn't have a camera on hand to record it. BUT to the best of my knowledge i will try to recap the conversation!

Christian: (walking into the bedroom) when i get bigger you can ride on my back but for right now evan can ride on my back.
Me: Oh Christian I can hardly wait.
C: My name is not Christian its TOOTHLESS (as he is growling)
M: sorry toothless.
C: I am a Bugga (baby) toothless but when i get older i will be a Bluefur.
M: whats a blurfur toothless?
C: its a big dragon
M: Wow! Does dragons give aunties kisses?
C: yeah (gets really close to my face and lets out a giant) GROWLLLLLL. (rolls over laughing)
M: toothless i want a kiss
C: (kisses my hand and closes it) can you hold my kisses?

Oh my goodness. melt my heart why dont you chrissypoo.

i miss them already my little eva bugga and chrissy!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

craving some milk chocolate

So it finally happened. Chris Brown FINALLY happened! Okay so before I jump into how amazing the concert was I feel the need to express my feelings about Chris and his past. The boy was an idiot and made a huge mistake. Nothing can fix what he did or certainly change it. But who am I to judge who he is and I gave him kuddos for recovering from the incident and continuing to push forward with his passion of music. I am not saying that what he did was right at all but boy can dance and I can appreciate that!

So the concert was AMAZING! I found myself becoming a 15 year old girl screaming and singing along with his music. It was him and me. Magical. I would kill to go another concert and by the end of the night I was beaming...I still am beaming.***I just had to. ps i got a new haircut!

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Today was clean the garage day. oh boy. So what started out as something I was dreading suprisingly turned into a very delightful experience. I found over 100 pictures and letters from my life in Spain. I had forgotten how close I was to my friends there and all the memories that took place. I think it was exactly what the doctor ordered. Even though I haven't lived there for almost 8 years I still have that connection with those friends and those memories. I know I will feel exactly the same way about Fremont. It's okay to move on because those people in your life, the ones that touch your heart will always be a part of who you are. So to my friends in Spain who helped me become who I am, I say thank you. So before the days of digital cameras and photoshops some of you will remember photos like these. All natural!

These are some of my favorite people I have ever met.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

dear santa

dear santa,

all i want for christmas is to have my fremont house forever.


YES I know what you are all thinking...selifish. AND it's true. Lately I have been acting a little selfish. I hate the idea of moving, I hate that my family sold all of my memories and is leaving for a vacation stop in San Diego. I know I am selfish. Well I WAS selfish. Last night at around 10:30 while I was STILL working I decided to listen to the Christmas devotional in the background. It was of course exactly what I needed to hear. So instead of spending the next 16 days counting down almost hoping the holidays can be over so I can rip this bandaid off and just wish my blessed house good bye I have decided to really try (yes try...not quite at do yet) to focus on what Christmas really is. So putting all emotions aside I decided to be more Christlike starting with today. Well all I am going to say is the big guy upstairs sure has a sense of humor! SO here comes the next 16 Christlike days!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

seeing you from the ocean

Has a year already gone by since I graduated from college? I CANNOT BELIEVE IT! I had a lot of fun this past year and am a little nervous to get this next year started. My family spent our last holiday in our Fremont house over Thanksgiving (i know a little sappy). But regardless of it all I had an amazing break. It was fun to eat some yummy turkey and mashed potatoes with my family. I also was able to see San Francisco from a different view. I went out with Krystal and her family on a boat out on the bay. We went to the piers, bay bridge, angel island, alcatraz and my favorite underneath the golden gate bridge. It was incredible and probably on my top ten favorite days!

my little gems

A couple weeks ago I went and saw two of my favorite nephews! Everytime I see them they get cuter and cuter! Evan is becoming a quick little mover all over the place and Christian says the darndest things. His little voice gets so high and he chats so fast trying to fit in breaths! The best part about the trip was waking up to Christian crawling into my bed sticking his cold feet on my stomach and practically touching his nose with mine waiting for me to open my eyes. He then says "Auntie Rachie let me know when you wake up". Oh I love it. I can not wait to spend Christmas with those little gems.