Wednesday, December 8, 2010

dear santa

dear santa,

all i want for christmas is to have my fremont house forever.


YES I know what you are all thinking...selifish. AND it's true. Lately I have been acting a little selfish. I hate the idea of moving, I hate that my family sold all of my memories and is leaving for a vacation stop in San Diego. I know I am selfish. Well I WAS selfish. Last night at around 10:30 while I was STILL working I decided to listen to the Christmas devotional in the background. It was of course exactly what I needed to hear. So instead of spending the next 16 days counting down almost hoping the holidays can be over so I can rip this bandaid off and just wish my blessed house good bye I have decided to really try (yes try...not quite at do yet) to focus on what Christmas really is. So putting all emotions aside I decided to be more Christlike starting with today. Well all I am going to say is the big guy upstairs sure has a sense of humor! SO here comes the next 16 Christlike days!


Adventures of the Andersons said...

i adore you hang in there...... youre amazing. love you so much wish we were together this holiday.

i kiss better than i cook said...

you got this!!!