Saturday, January 23, 2010


So I have decided that I live a gem life!

This has been my life since I have left school:

*CHRISTMAS-last time here in Fremont
*Wicked in San Francisco
*Cirque de Solei-OVA
*Lots of visits :)
*Evan Russell Clark-Auntie again!

My life for the next four weeks:

*Weekend Cruise to Mexico
*Weekend trip to Seattle with KIM!!!
*Week and 1/2 trip to Guatemala, Ecuador and Peru with the padre!!!

*BUT the most exciting thing that happened to me was that I GRADUATED!!!! Heavens, best day of my life! My 3 brothers and Jo Gouveia suprised me! It was so fun to look out and see my whole family and Kim there! I don't think that day could have been better!


This has entertained me more times than I would like to admit it. BUT I thought they did a good job whoever you are DJearworm

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Welcome Baby Evan Russell Clark!
So excited to meet my little newphew!