Tuesday, February 15, 2011

what could be more perfect?

another stamp in that passport of mine

About a week ago I headed south to warmer climates and can I just say, it was fabulous. Words could not express how excited I was for some natural vitamin d. Once I arrived in Mexico I striped off my jacket threw on some shorts and flip flops and hit the beach. The water was warm and my vacation was perfect. I drank my way through pina coladas, zip lined through the wild jungle of mexico (13 zip lines 1,000 ft long 700 ft high), and went sailing for thefirst time (which then led to getting kicked out of the pacific for lack of experience). Sadly I did a terrible job of documenting the trip and only took these pictures.
I have a little bit of an obsession with taking pictures from planes.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

sytycd addiction

for those of you who know me would agree that when i say that i am addicted to sytycd that is an understatement. even when i was traveling abroad i watched it everyweek through youtube. so one night i was showing krystal some of the dances and she said:

K: Is this interpretive dancing?
R: hmmm...or hip hop!

maybe it was just funny to the two of us. but she is just so dang precious i could not stop laughing.

on another note. my dear friend ashley (shout out) showed me this video today. i had heard the song several times but i loved this. if you get a chance watch the original sytycd performance and her music video.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

lack of vitamin d

Fact: I can't handle the cold. I know it seems like every other post is revolving around the snow or cold but i am OVER IT!

SO on an upside I am peacing out to Mexico for 4 days! Hello Vitamin D I can hardly wait.

Fact: Last year this time I was heading to south america. i had zero direction in my life.

Now I for sure feel like I have a grip on life and I kind of like it!

Fact: Right now i wish i was in the amazon sweating my booty off rather than living in 9 degree weather.
Honestly I am happy to be in good ole' p-town!