Monday, May 31, 2010

you dont need to tell me twice.

For years I have heard about Gualala (and yes thats 3 a's). Its a beautiful town and when I say town I swear its like population 375. But nonetheless its located in the nothern part of California where the redwood trees grow so tall you almost tip over just looking up at them and right along the coastline (Hwy 1). So you can imagine it is for sure a little piece of heaven. Well a couple of friends convinced me to spend my memorial weekend in heaven camping. For those of you who know me and can imagine how much I love camping, I was a little hesitant. BUT they for sure proved me wrong. I experienced camping in a whole new way. First of all there was electrical outlets which allowed us to have space heaters in out tents. This particular family I went with brought a HUGE refrigerator, mircrowave two ovens and two sinks with running water. If you wanted to (which I choose not to) you could look cute all weekend! So we spent the weekend eating, boating on the ocean, eating, siting by the campfire, eating, floating down the river, eating and of course riding the tandum bike. I was completly sold and loved every minute of it. Now of course the weekend is over and back to reality. BUT it was an incredible weekend!
Right before we left...if you can't tell we are all looking a little rough!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

this ones for you.

Being an only girl among four boys. I have always thought that I was really lucky...and lets be honest spoiled. They all treat me so well and so lately I have decided to take a step back and really think about all of my brothers and how much they mean to me. Most importantly how proud I am of them! So this blog is for them. Each of them, so different from each other but all so incredible in there own way.

Matthew is the absolute example to me. I look up to him so much. He graduated from college, married an incredible woman, has two beautiful children who he loves very much. I have loved watching him become a dad and play with Christian outside and play with little Evan. I really hope that one day I can grow up and be as happy and positive about life as he is! I love him so much and am so lucky to have him as my older brother.
Oh Jordan. I am so proud of Jordan. For the past couple years he has been preparing for a mission and today he finally GOT HIS CALL! Jordan is probably one of the most happiest/optimistic pople I have ever met. Even through anything he is gone through he has always seen the light at the tunnel. I know I can always go to Jordan to build up my day. He will be an absolutely incredible missionary because he has a heart the size of the sun! I love him!
Andrew passed his quest, is going to NCS for breast and two relays and meanwhile has been captain of both his waterpolo and swim team. He is a champ at swimming and is all around such an example to all of his classmates. Its been fun to watch him grow up and come into his own. I love his sense of humor and his sweet dance moves. I am excited for him to love college and go on a mission. Oh Andrew how much I love you.

Little little lovebug. He is my little cuddly ball of joy. David is a miniature genius. I know that brains would eventually fall on one of us Clark kids. He is so smart and so fun to be around. Always cheerful and just looking for someone to smile with him. I love him so much and will miss him when the move down south.

I love them. All four of them!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


A couple months ago in Seattle I saw Jack's Mannequin and the band that opened for them was Fun. Little did I know the lead singer was from the band the format (which I love and was sad when I found they broke up). Well they were incredible, of course. So when wind came around that they would be the headliner at Slims I was more than tickled. Yet again Fun. did not fail to impress me. The lead singers voice is incredible and sounds the same live as it is on cd. I highly recommend you try them out.
And of course I had to take a picture of the city driving over the bridge. There is just something about San Francisco that I just love.

Friday, May 14, 2010

long lost sister

Since the begining of the school year Jo has told me about a student in her class which she was my long lost sister. Before I met this girl I knew that I would love her. Jo showed me a picture of her and told me a few things about her. She loves Justin Bieber, very stylish and is all about saving earth! I mean how could I not love her! Well the time finally came that I got to meet this special lady, Melissa. I spent lunch with her just getting to know her. She was beautiful, funny and has a great personality! We had quite a few things in comon and while she thought I was great, I just know that as this girl gets older she will do incredible things! I hope that we will be able to keep in touch so that I can see the wonderful things that she does as she gets older!

Not only was it a fun experience to meet Melissa but I had forgotten how much I love working with pre-teen/teenagers. I really need to start rethinking some things in my life and figure out a career path that for sure involves that. I strongly believe that those years of our lives can be very crucial in who we will become later on in life. Things have changed since I was in 6th grade but I have complete faith that although the world is continuing to get harder and harder to live in there are kids out there like Melissa who will rise above and make the world a better place!

She was so cute- I just had to take a picture with her!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Oh this is love

Yesterday I probably made the smartest purchase I have ever made. I was roaming around target looking for the new Emily Blunt movie and I came across this little treasure. I was a little hesitant to purchase it at first but now only watching 2 hours of it (smiling the whole time) I realized how happy I am now that Celine is part of my life! 5 Stars!!!
Don't be jealous- you can also make her a part of your life!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mormons helping hands

Last Saturday members all over California were assigned to different parks or shorelines where they did various things such as planting flowers, cleaning up trash, removing weeds etc. The group I was in was assigned to a new playground where we planted about 700 plants. I have to admit that I was not too cheerful to be up at 7 in the morning but as the day went on it was really fun! It was fun to be with groups of families all working together. The fun part is that Kristi Yamaguchi's foundation donated the playground to the park. It was a lovely suprise to see her as well as her husband (who played in the 1996 Olympics-Ice Hockey) planting plants with us the whole time.

A little bit of a creeper picture but hey I always feel so awkward asking to take a picture with someone "famous"

Friday, May 7, 2010

Airplanes...quality TLC

Since the end of December I have been on a total of 25 different airplanes. Sometimes I feel like I am in the air more than I am on the ground. It's amazing how fast I can pack or how quick I can make it through the security lines. I can even get to the airport 30 minutes before my plane leaves and still go through security, make a pit stop at the bathroom and make a few phone calls. And although this post seems a little useless I have come to realize that airplanes are pretty incredible. I don't understand how we are able to get off the ground or even how it can hold so many bodies. BUT I am grateful for those couple of hours when I get to sit by myself and read a good book, think to myself or even just take a nap. No one can bother me. No phone calls or facebook to distract me. To be honest sometimes I look forward to a flight just so I can spend some quality alone time with myself.

While flying all over I have been able to look out the window and see some incredible sights from the view of my window!