Sunday, April 26, 2009

Happy Earth Day!!!

Happy Earth Day...a couple days late! My roomate Katie taught me what it really is like to celebrate earth day. We went and bought a flower, planted it and chalked up our front porch in celebration of Earth Day! Later on in the week we made it a point to watch Disney EARTH! BOMB!

I wish everyday was earth day!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Maybe we were made for each other!

okay here is my much needed updated blog. I will attempt to update but i can't promise that the events will be in order that they happened. I am sure the more i write on this post more and
more thoughts will come into my here i go.
1. I went to Science Camp. YES!!!! It was probably one of the most memorable experiences i have had. I was over 8 GIRLS! HIGH DRAMA girls! Lets just say there was lots of tears, laughing, yelling, and lots and lots of chatting :)

2. My Internship ended... sad. On Thursday they threw me a suprised good-bye party! It was so precious. They made me this cute book where they individually wrote me good-bye letters. They also made me a puzzle. It was so sweet! I am going to miss those little kids so much! I had so much fun doing that internship and i will never ever forget the experience i had.

3. i injured my foot. For Jordan's birthday we suprised him and took him to Sky High (trampoline place). I ofcourse the last 30 seconds twisted my foot. Here are some pictures of what it looks like now. It looks so much better now, but it is so stinkin gross.

4. We have celebrated 4 birthdays within this past month, including mine (a little early) Happy Birthday to the Clark home! 5. okay i think i fell in love. I went to the Jack's Mannequin and Matt Nathanson concert. Matt stinkin stole my heart and i wil forever be in love with his voice! Best concert of my life :)

Matt Nathanson :)

Andrew McMahon playing the piano. love

6. My little lovebug nephew came and visited!

7. SHARK'S GAME!!! A group of us went to the game! Always a fan of the Shark's and the game brought back so many fun memories i had when i was younger going to the games with kim!

8. PILLOW FIGHT on Valentines day!!!! Crazy to see massive amounts of people swinging pillows at each other!

9. And soon i will be heading back to Idaho and living with the girl in the middle (so excited!) but will be missing my dear sweet Melissa. SHE IS A COLLEGE GRADUATE!!! CONGRATULATIONS!