Thursday, June 24, 2010

stop, drop and ROLLLLLLL

The countdown has begun. Only 3 more days until I am a girls camp counselor for a whole week. Oh heavens. I feel like I have been through every emotion leading up to this week. At first I was really excited, then nervous, then almost dreading the thought of having to pee in a bush to now-semi nervous but mostly excited! I am not going to lie, not looking forward to the over night hike but really looking forward to spending a week with the girls! I have the cutest nest of girls! Cross my fingers it will go well! So until then here are some pics of my pre-pack hike. We had to pack out overnighter packs to get approved.
PS. Exactly 2 weeks from tomorrow MELISSA will be here!!!

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Melissa The Beautiful said...

My heart pretty much stopped when I read TWO WEEKS!!! AHHH!

And you are going to be the cutest counselor. And that backpack looks so heavy!