Saturday, June 12, 2010

she brings boys home for the weekend.

For years I have always wanted to try fake nails. I consider myself pretty girly but the thought of adding another nail on top of my already exising nail and then it ripping it off always sent shivers down my spine. So yesterday I visited my old Livermore office and was chatting it up with one of my co-workers when I noticed she had a box of fake nails sitting to the side of her. I had always noticed her pretty nails but I never realized she did them herself. So another co-worker and I got up the nerve and drove to Walmart to buy a $5.00 box of fake nails. We spent our lunch time glueing and laughing while we attempted to apply these nails. Let me just tell you I am sold!
I love Laura's face in this shot :) Ashley of course always looks like a babe!

On a completely different note...I love green smoothies. For the past couple months I decided to give up gluten, corn, chocolate and dairy (due to my headaches). It hasn't been fun but I have had to be somewhat creative when it comes to getting in all my daily nutrients. Thanks to my sister in law who inspired me to make green smoothies a daily part of my life I now have a substitute for breakfast that isn't cereal or yogurt.
Okay so this particular smoothie I made today looks like poop it suprisingly is actually good. It has spinach, carrots, pineapple, strawberries and peaches. All my fruits and veggies already taken care of by 9:00!


Melissa The Beautiful said...

I have actually heard those smoothies were really good...if you can get over the look of them. You inspire me to eat better.

Ashley and TJ said...

Best day of work EVER!!! :)

i kiss better than i cook said...

the only thing i wish you had to add to this post is that i wish you ladies did a remake of the put a ring on it video. i feel like with these fun nails and 3 ladies surely you could've pulled it off =)