Monday, May 31, 2010

you dont need to tell me twice.

For years I have heard about Gualala (and yes thats 3 a's). Its a beautiful town and when I say town I swear its like population 375. But nonetheless its located in the nothern part of California where the redwood trees grow so tall you almost tip over just looking up at them and right along the coastline (Hwy 1). So you can imagine it is for sure a little piece of heaven. Well a couple of friends convinced me to spend my memorial weekend in heaven camping. For those of you who know me and can imagine how much I love camping, I was a little hesitant. BUT they for sure proved me wrong. I experienced camping in a whole new way. First of all there was electrical outlets which allowed us to have space heaters in out tents. This particular family I went with brought a HUGE refrigerator, mircrowave two ovens and two sinks with running water. If you wanted to (which I choose not to) you could look cute all weekend! So we spent the weekend eating, boating on the ocean, eating, siting by the campfire, eating, floating down the river, eating and of course riding the tandum bike. I was completly sold and loved every minute of it. Now of course the weekend is over and back to reality. BUT it was an incredible weekend!
Right before we left...if you can't tell we are all looking a little rough!


jonna said...

so we don't need to tell you 'twice' that you're welcome back next year (and the next and the next and...) you get the idea. no matter where you call home this time next year, we want you to know there's a standing invitation with YOUR name on it!

jonna said...

ha! it just hit me that we probably camped with as many people as actually reside in Gualala! funny! =D