Thursday, May 20, 2010

this ones for you.

Being an only girl among four boys. I have always thought that I was really lucky...and lets be honest spoiled. They all treat me so well and so lately I have decided to take a step back and really think about all of my brothers and how much they mean to me. Most importantly how proud I am of them! So this blog is for them. Each of them, so different from each other but all so incredible in there own way.

Matthew is the absolute example to me. I look up to him so much. He graduated from college, married an incredible woman, has two beautiful children who he loves very much. I have loved watching him become a dad and play with Christian outside and play with little Evan. I really hope that one day I can grow up and be as happy and positive about life as he is! I love him so much and am so lucky to have him as my older brother.
Oh Jordan. I am so proud of Jordan. For the past couple years he has been preparing for a mission and today he finally GOT HIS CALL! Jordan is probably one of the most happiest/optimistic pople I have ever met. Even through anything he is gone through he has always seen the light at the tunnel. I know I can always go to Jordan to build up my day. He will be an absolutely incredible missionary because he has a heart the size of the sun! I love him!
Andrew passed his quest, is going to NCS for breast and two relays and meanwhile has been captain of both his waterpolo and swim team. He is a champ at swimming and is all around such an example to all of his classmates. Its been fun to watch him grow up and come into his own. I love his sense of humor and his sweet dance moves. I am excited for him to love college and go on a mission. Oh Andrew how much I love you.

Little little lovebug. He is my little cuddly ball of joy. David is a miniature genius. I know that brains would eventually fall on one of us Clark kids. He is so smart and so fun to be around. Always cheerful and just looking for someone to smile with him. I love him so much and will miss him when the move down south.

I love them. All four of them!


Matthew said...


Thanks for the kind words on the blog. You're such a good sister.

Wishing you a nice evening,


i kiss better than i cook said...

i love your brothers too!! fuego, if you see jordan, schwing, and my hubby =)

TPlayer said...

This is a great post! you've inspired me to write one about my 4 brothers too! I sure love your family...and I am so excited for Jordan!!!