Friday, May 7, 2010

Airplanes...quality TLC

Since the end of December I have been on a total of 25 different airplanes. Sometimes I feel like I am in the air more than I am on the ground. It's amazing how fast I can pack or how quick I can make it through the security lines. I can even get to the airport 30 minutes before my plane leaves and still go through security, make a pit stop at the bathroom and make a few phone calls. And although this post seems a little useless I have come to realize that airplanes are pretty incredible. I don't understand how we are able to get off the ground or even how it can hold so many bodies. BUT I am grateful for those couple of hours when I get to sit by myself and read a good book, think to myself or even just take a nap. No one can bother me. No phone calls or facebook to distract me. To be honest sometimes I look forward to a flight just so I can spend some quality alone time with myself.

While flying all over I have been able to look out the window and see some incredible sights from the view of my window!


Leigh said...

rachel, you are a woman after my own heart! i completely agree with everything you wrote and thing the same exact thing! i love flying cause i get to listen to music, read my book, write in my journal and take a nap. its so awesome. and i LOVE LOVE LOVE taking pictures from plan, i swear i have a huge collection of it. awesome photos. miss you!

brittna said...

i love this post - you're so right! and i love your airplane shots :)