Friday, May 14, 2010

long lost sister

Since the begining of the school year Jo has told me about a student in her class which she was my long lost sister. Before I met this girl I knew that I would love her. Jo showed me a picture of her and told me a few things about her. She loves Justin Bieber, very stylish and is all about saving earth! I mean how could I not love her! Well the time finally came that I got to meet this special lady, Melissa. I spent lunch with her just getting to know her. She was beautiful, funny and has a great personality! We had quite a few things in comon and while she thought I was great, I just know that as this girl gets older she will do incredible things! I hope that we will be able to keep in touch so that I can see the wonderful things that she does as she gets older!

Not only was it a fun experience to meet Melissa but I had forgotten how much I love working with pre-teen/teenagers. I really need to start rethinking some things in my life and figure out a career path that for sure involves that. I strongly believe that those years of our lives can be very crucial in who we will become later on in life. Things have changed since I was in 6th grade but I have complete faith that although the world is continuing to get harder and harder to live in there are kids out there like Melissa who will rise above and make the world a better place!

She was so cute- I just had to take a picture with her!


Kim said...

You would be so good with kids that age. You should definitely go for it!

Jo said...

My, what TWO fashionistas!

Okay, the truth is you both possess a rich and rare quality that make you SupaStars! You both have hearts the size of Alaska (waaaay bigger than Texas), and loving bless soooo many others!

Thanks so much for the visit to our class (and the cookies!!!!).


Melissa The Beautiful said...

I love that her name is Melissa and that she loves Justin Bieber. Love it.

I am so glad you got to go back to your old classroom! You are so good at it!

Emily said...

I too, love Justin Bieber. I am shameless.

fruitcake198910 said...

i love it!!! i wanna be like you when i'm older!!! i love my long lost sister!!!