Tuesday, January 11, 2011

welcome to the motherland

so for a couple days i have felt the need to update my blog. i just wanted to find a worthy topic that would best describe my move and how i was feeling. so what it boils down to is that i am freezing. constantly. i have come to terms with the fact that my toes and fingers will not be the same for probably 3 more months (if i am lucky. even now as i glance at my hands i notice how purply (yes, that is a word that is used most frequently in any state east of california) and dry they have become. not something i am too pleased with. note.to.self. buy some heavy duty lotion. anyways today i decided to forget to look cute strapped on some jeans, REI socks, Ugg boots, sweatshirt (over 3 layers of t-shirts), a jacket and of course a scarf. yep still freezing. tomorrow i will dry spandex under my jeans with gloves and see if that makes a difference.

overall i like provo. shocked? i know. but i am pleasantly suprised.


Miss ME said...

AHHHH!!!!! I'm SO beyond SO excited!!! I was just down in P-Town last weekend and may be down again soon. We MUST do something regardless. Try some Bag Balm at night and some Corn Husker's Lotion during the day and you'll be smooth as the day you were born. Now you just need a cold heart to boot and you'll never feel cold again!

Lori said...

I agree, the cold bites, I've been counting down until Spring!! I'm glad to hear you are enjoying Provo, I hope life's great!!!