Sunday, April 10, 2011

and another one goes

I have been out of commission the past week due to strep throat...figures. Just the icing on the cake for my life over the past month. Lets just say its been a rollercoaster of emotions. My favorite. NOT! Anyways, Andrew went into the MTC this past Wednesday. Luckily I was able to spend the last couple days with him. I drove up Thursday to pick him up from Idaho and get him packed while he finished his hw and completed all his finals. We drove back Friday and hoped on a plane for Carlsbad on Saturday where I FINALLY got to see my new home. It was beautiful! I loved the weather, loved the area, loved the zip line and loved that my family was all together! Matt and Camille drove down with the babies and we spent the weekend eating, laughing, watching conference and zip lining. There was some beach pushed in as well! We all flew back on Monday and spent the next couple days getting Andrew ready for his big farewell. On Wednesday the lucky boy got set apart an hour before he entered the MTC by President Brown. It was a powerful hour filled with lots of crying, testimonies and smiles. Andrew is going to be an incredible missionary to the people of Thai. I could not be luckier to have two amazing brothers out on their missions. I miss them very much but everything is okay knowing that they are in the bset place that they could be!


Ashley and TJ said...

Ok, I was wondering why my synergy bestie was gone all week!! Strep is the worst... I'm so sorry you were sick! Love the pictures - you have the most amazing family.

jonna said...

Wow Rachel, you must be drained after so much goodness, and family, and emotions. (I bet Andrew, I mean, Elder Clark #2, will be the most spoiled Elder in the MTC!) Miss you much! and love you more! Hope I can see you when we're there for Jenni's graduation. <3