Wednesday, February 2, 2011

sytycd addiction

for those of you who know me would agree that when i say that i am addicted to sytycd that is an understatement. even when i was traveling abroad i watched it everyweek through youtube. so one night i was showing krystal some of the dances and she said:

K: Is this interpretive dancing?
R: hmmm...or hip hop!

maybe it was just funny to the two of us. but she is just so dang precious i could not stop laughing.

on another note. my dear friend ashley (shout out) showed me this video today. i had heard the song several times but i loved this. if you get a chance watch the original sytycd performance and her music video.

1 comment:

Ashley and TJ said...

Amazing!! You're welcome :) But hey, you introduced me to Nikki Minaj so I owed you one. :)