Tuesday, February 1, 2011

lack of vitamin d

Fact: I can't handle the cold. I know it seems like every other post is revolving around the snow or cold but i am OVER IT!

SO on an upside I am peacing out to Mexico for 4 days! Hello Vitamin D I can hardly wait.

Fact: Last year this time I was heading to south america. i had zero direction in my life.

Now I for sure feel like I have a grip on life and I kind of like it!

Fact: Right now i wish i was in the amazon sweating my booty off rather than living in 9 degree weather.
Honestly I am happy to be in good ole' p-town!

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Dave and Karlee Waddoups said...

Haha! You're lucky that Provo is in the positive temperatures. Yesterday it was -34 degrees in Rexburg!! I told Dave that he couldn't go to work out in that cold!! It was intense!

I'm so jealous of your fun vacations! I can't wait for the one we are planning this summer and you make me even more excited! Take lots of pictures and tell us how it goes!!

How are we friends? I would SO much rather freeze my fingers off than sweat in 80 degree weather! You can always put more clothes on to keep warm, but there's only so many you can take off to stay cool. Too Cold=livable. Too Hot=Unbearable!!

I love you and miss you!