Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hobbies and such!

So since graduation I have decided to get some new hobbies! Those who know my mom can agree that she is the woman of talents and since I am her one and only daughter I am hoping that those skills will be passed on to me! So while I have all the time in the world I am going to take full advantage of my mothers natural artisitic abilities!!!!
But if there is one thing that I enjoy doing on my own it is baking. So for St. Patricks day I made red velvet cupcakes (gone green!) for my co-workers! It was so fun and a huge hit!!!
Up next...tackling the sewing machine!

3 comments: said...

they look beautiful!! so cute.. wish i could have partaken on that talent while we lived together! so adorable though you rock!!! LOVE YOU

i kiss better than i cook said...

these were so amazing!!! i ate 3.. don't judge me

Melissa The Beautiful said...

Those look absolutely delicious!
And good luck with the sewing machine! I have been trying my hand at that as well!!