Sunday, October 2, 2011

Where can I get me some of those ruffles?

Today I got an email with a lovely picture of my father. He was in a fantastic suit that I am sure at the time was very trendy. Who would have thought I would ever get my eye for fashion from my dad! But needless to say I am sure he is kicking himself for those pants, ruffles, and bow tie now.
So it made me think. What am I going to regret in 20 years when it comes to fashion? So here is my list:

1. Skinny jeans: Even today I know they are just not very flattering but I am addicted.
2. Straight across bangs: I love love LOVED my bangs. I thought they were just so cute. I look at pictures now and think seriously? Not cute! Too bad there is a giant family picture mounted on the wall to remind me of this mistake.
3. Jean shirts: I totally got into this fad over this past year. I love my long bleached out Jean shirt. It makes me feel like I am a painter or poet. Yep. I am clearly neither...but I still love it!
4. The floral Maxi dress: Here i am thinking that I am pulling a Kate wearing this beauty but I am sure one day I will look back and think-that is a lot of floral going on.

Even now as I go through I think all my pieces of clothing are timeless. False.

5. Florals and Prints: Mixing those two together to make myself feel a little bohemian.
6. Oxfords: Love them especially with those dang skinnys.
7. Long lose tops: I love to wear my skinny's with these long drapey tops to tell myself I am deceiving everyone from what really is muffin top!
8. Ruffled tops: They make me feel elegant and like a lady but the truth is sometimes they probably are too distracting.
9. Boots: I love them..on others. Every time I look in the mirror I think who cares if they make my legs look double the size i love them and need them! Yep I'll regret that later!
10. Thick black eye liner: Who am I trying to be Cleopatra?

The list can go on I am sure forever but the point is I like the way I dress and I know years down the road I will be embarrassed but now I am choosing to love it!


The Thompsons said...

That is one sweet suit! For the record I think skinny jeans are one of the worst creations ever. They should have never left the 80s.

Cinthia said...

jajaja ese es mi presidente??? k guapo!!!!