Thursday, October 6, 2011

Brian Stokes Mitchell

Tonight I saw the amazing Brian Stokes Mitchell perform! Words cannot express how incredible he was. I will say he is the best male performer I have ever seen by far. In preparation for his concert I listened to this song below for an hour straight. I can't get it out of my head and for some reason it makes me feel so happy and at ease about life. Enjoy!

Warning: You may need to watch this more than once!


Scott+Kimber+Ruby=Scimby said...

BSM is seriously AMAZING. Amazing. I feel like I need to say it again...AMAZING! Every single note he sings in "Ragtime" is just insane. His voice makes me want to cry and I'm super jealous!

Dave and Karlee Waddoups said...

Absolutely captivating! What an amazing talent this man has! Such a rich and pure voice! That must have been such a fun concert! I'm jealous!