Saturday, October 16, 2010


today i made a check mark on my bucket list. i watched a movie in a theatre by myself. while this was not planned and in the moment i felt like every insecurity was screaming at me i am so glad i did it. the worst part was the first 5 minutes when the previews had not started and you are sitting in your seat wondering if everyone thinks that you are a loser for getting all dressed up (boots and curled hair) and attending a movie ona Saturday night by yourself. BUT seriously after that it was a little magical. I whipped out my water bottle and 6 tangerines and sat back and laughed, cried and smiled through the whole thing. it was almost invigorating. I recommend it for anyone who wants to boost there confidence up a notch.

moving on....

so for all of you who are wondering what i have been doing with my life lately here is a brief update!

I went to the Jimmy Eat World concert a couple weeks ago with Julie, Jeni and Kim (hollar!) It was SO FUN! It felt like a plaid festival which I totally was fiting in with. The band was just as good live as there cd! ALthough the last 10 mintues were by far my favorite part. They played all of my favorite songs in a row and i found myself jumping around and getting a flash back of the Jack's concert. it was THAT fun!

I also went to Utah and pretty much spend the whole weekend with my better half Krystal! It was perfect and really put me back in focus with my life!

THIS weekend I went to the Half Moon Bay pumpkin festival with my Ashley! Did you know that H.M.B is the pumpkin capital of the world? It was pretty magical. The smell of the ocean in the back ground while eating pumpkin ice cream and pumpkin pie. YUMMY! It was so fun!! Ashley and I spent hours chatting it up and enjoying all the pumpkins!

ALSO the last 6 months I have been working on a quilt. I didn't officially start working on it until lately but i have had the fabric for a while! here is a teaser of what it is going to look like!

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Ashley and TJ said...

We had so much fun!! I still dream about that ice cream... yum!