Saturday, September 25, 2010

fam bam...BANG!

The time finally came again when my whole family (now 10 of us) get together to take that family picture that is mounted on the wall for years. I usually get really nervous about what I should do with my hair, curly or straight. Then I have to worry about what to wear, is it sliming, is it cute..etc. So the day finally came and we were all cuted out in our navy blue outfits and the weather decided to turn on us. Here we are looking like it is probably a mid October-November day in sweaters and summer decides to hit us with 100 degree weather. It was a laughable experience! But here they are. We all probably hate outselves in but love everyone else. Enjoy!

The first picture by far turned out the best!


Irene M. said...

So good to see the family together!!!! You are a great family!

jonna said...

you look so BEAUTIFUL in the family pic! so glad you posted these! and's be more than WAY too long since i've seen you! i'm not liking that much either! could you change that plz? <3