Sunday, December 6, 2009

David Archuleta...what? YES!

So on Friday Katie and I went to the David Archuleta concert and I am not going to was so fun! He is just a little guy...a little awkward but boy has got a GREAT voice! It was so fun to share that concert with Katie! I was really hoping she could meet him and sparks would fly between them...but sadly he was just too popular to grace us with his presents one on one. NONETHELESS...I loved every minute of it!
Benton Paul opened up for him...he did a super job if you ask me. I'm a fan!



brittna said...

i'm judging you!! haha jk...i watch the hills...can't get more pathetic than that

TPlayer said...

I went to the David Archuleta concert in SLC last March. I had a blast. Benton Paul opened for him then as well, and I thought he was great. You said it best...David is a bit awkward, but overall, everyone has a great time-and the kid can sing. No judging here...heck I live in Murray and love the claim to fame for living in his hometown!