Thursday, November 5, 2009

Happy Halloween and other such things!

So Halloween was a BLAST! Katie decided to throw a Witches party (girls only) which was a HUGE success! Everyone got totally into it and went beyond the typical witch! Lots of yummy food, games, and dancing! It was a huge hit!

Also Melissa FINALLY finished her internship...which I am so happy to have her back in the same state as me!! It was fun to see and catch up with her on Halloween!

OKAY so 2 weeks from today I will be heading my way home to California for Thanksgiving break! Holy COW! Where has the time gone? There is a lot to be done in between those 2 weeks but I am so excited!!! THEN...3 weeks until GRADUATION!!!! ENOUGH SAID!


Eva Padilla said...

I am in love with you!

brittna said...

LOVE that leg picture!
and hooray for graduating

Melissa The Beautiful said...

I love your witches costume!

And I am so glad I got to see you on Halloween! It made my weekend home just perfect!