Monday, October 5, 2009

a little disapointed in you...

dear weather,

i hate you. did you forget what month we are currently in? It's not December 24th it's actually just October 5th. I would appreciate it very much if you would remove the snow very quickly and don't come back until I leave. Thank You for listening to my request, I look forward to you keeping this little promise!

Your usual supporter-Rachel

Ps. If you could please bring back the fall that would be super!


steph goodson said...

hahaha I love that first picture! it just captures each of your feelings so well. beautiful! that's all.

Melissa The Beautiful said...

Oh my goodness you are BEAUTIFUL!

I can't believe it is already snowing! That makes me dread coming back to Idaho just a little bit!

Kim said...

For serious, what is this crap? It's OCTOBER!! Why do the weather gods hate us? All we want to do it get out with as little winter as possible, is that so much to ask?

missbritt said...

oh sad sad sad!! but at least you got some freakin sweet pictures!

ps - i love that vid of your brother