Tuesday, July 28, 2009

ending on a BANG!

so my summer semester at Idaho came to an end real quick...to quick if you ask me. I confess my mind checked out of school a week and a half before it actually ended. Translation, I played for the last week and a half. It all started with the derby went on to a pirate party, trips to the river, lots of tanning, eating, photo shoots, late night movies, eating, lots of new music, giggling, eating, making new friends, pictures pictures pictures, and lets through in some more hours of eating. To sum it up I ended the semester with a BANG! I had WAY to much fun and am super excited for my last semester although I have to admit I enjoy how that rolls right off my finger tips and onto the page...one more semester! YIKES!

So ofcourse I will end the post with a quick picture update!

Pirate Party....ARGGGGG

Katie, Nick and I at the river.

Melissa, Jody, Joslyn, Katie and I at Craigo's!

Katie, Jill, Maria and I after Katie's dance competition

Okay so this is when things start to get a little vain. Katie and I did a photoshoot together and then we did one of each other. side note: katie is a photographer and I had the opportunity to follow her around all semester as she snapped pictures of some beautiful people! Little Bit of a shout out, Check out her blog: http://www.katiedawnphotos.blogspot.com/


Melissa The Beautiful said...

I love it all! And I am so glad you finally posted on your blog!

Also I am happy that you had a good semester! You deserved it!

IMES said...

que buenas fotos
te invito a mi blog http://maximopaz-imes.blogspot.com/

TPlayer said...

For some reason, this particular post just reminded me of how much I have always adored you!

Chase and Paige said...

LOVE the playing in the flowers pic. And.. do i know those shoes? the heels..? :)