Tuesday, February 3, 2009


So I am in my 5th week of the internship...seriously time is flying by. Everyday i get a little bit more attached the to little 6th graders. Its going to be so rough leaving them in a couple months. This past Friday they had a talent show fundraiser to help raise money for science camp. HUGE success and they all did SO well! They were so nervous but did a great job! Seriously so cute!!! We raised over $1,000! Can we say HUGE sucess!!!! WHICH speaking of Science Camp, i am heading off to be a camp counselor in 3 weeks! Should be interesting but i am stinkin excited!!!!

So here is a little picture update...my brothers and I got a little bored yesterday and took a million pictures. These were sadly the best! Enjoy!

The CLARK Curse-Chubby Cheeks!


Julia said...

That gene is getting passed down to the next generation. Christian sure got them. Cute Blog!

TPlayer said...

Wow you all grew up fast!!