Sunday, January 4, 2009

Going to look FINE in 2009!!!

So I have been thinking of a new moto for this upcoming year...and well I couldn't find too many things that rhymed with 2009. So Looking Fine in 2009 is the best i can do! To go along with that i have set some new goals for this year. Some that I have to admit make me a little bit nervous. OKAY so first i will back up a little bit. In November i had mentioned to my mom that I was thinking about picking up running, as a hobby. Don't even ask me what i was thinking. So then magically for Christmas, Santa brings me 3 (not 1 but 3) marathon training books and a new pair of running shoes. So Christmas morning i feel a little bit motivated, pull on those shoes and start running. I started the running schedule this past week, fully motivated. All I can say is by the end of the week i wanted to shoot my legs and the three running books. But i am determined to get into the habit of doing this. BOO

Okay so I guess i should mention came and then left quickly. Sadly. But i love having all my family together! Christian is just turning into a little boy!

And then there was New Years-Katie came into town and I thought it would be just brillant to take her to the San Francisco. What started out to be fun turned into a little adventure! We watched the firewords at Pier 1! But for some reason it must not have crossed my mind that Bart (public transportation) would be packed. Jordan (my extremly tall brother) pulled us through the crowds. I have never been so packed with a group of people ever. So once we finally got down into the station. We were standing patiently waiting for the train when all of a sudden we hear a group of cops yelling at us to get down. They had tackled a man-took a gun from him and was holding him to the ground. Happy New Years to us!!!
! It was quite the adventure!!!


Lori said...

Good for you with the running! We were going to go to San Francisco to see the fireworks but I got my wisdom teeth out the day before and decided it wasn't a good idea! Hope you had fun!

Leigh said...

RACHEL im so glad i stumbled upon this. now even though we are seperated i can see what your up to and still feel like we are living in a flat together. you felt crammed in the public transportation in san fran? what about the tube during rush hour in london??? i miss you, lets catch up soon i need to call you!