Wednesday, November 12, 2008

All Eyes on Me!

soo i have been holding out on having a blog but thanks to my roomate (Melissa!) she has finally convinced that this will pretty much fulfill my life! so here i am. I guess i will start with a quick update. I am STILL in college. Just a couple more semesters until i graduate with my degree in Child Development! THANK GOODNESS... the end is in sight!!! So the best way to describe the past little bit of my life should be through pictures!
So this past summer i was so lucky to go with BYU on a study abroad adventure through England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales! I had such a blast and between the new friends i made and hostels that we stayed in I had a pretty incredible experience. I arrived in Ireland and traveled along the coast up and over to Dublin for a week where we then headed to London where we lived in a "flat" for 4 weeks. We had classes three times a week and were able to see as many places around London as we wanted to. Our final week was spent on a bus going through northern England, Wales and finishing off in Scotland! Between the 29 girls and one boy we definetly got to know each other real well! It was truly an experience i will never forget.
Once my little adventure was over i headed back to Idaho for another semester! So far i have loved this semester and have really lucked out on the friends i have made and especially my roomate! (standing to the right of me!) We have filled our semester with cheap movies, shopping, visits to the cupcake shop, finally joining in on stadium singing, weekly devotionals, etc. Honestly, this has been one of my favorite semesters so far and sad to see that is coming to an end as we all break to graduate, go home or just move around. I will be very sad once the semester ends

Half way through the semester i made a quick trip down to Utah to reunite with all of my London buddies and see my little nephew along with some family! It was a much needed break to push me through the rest of the semester :)

Recently we celebrated HALLOWEEN! Two other roomates and i decided it would be comical to dress up as Freshmen, 18 year old, married Idaho students! haha we definetly turned some heads and got a few chuckles! It was fun to be prego for a day but i think I am okay to hold off for a while.

I also helped two friends get all done up. This was probably one of my favorite things of the day! Shannon was a carrot and Katies was a peacock!

I also went home for a weekend and went to a pre-halloween/ Masqurade bash! Over all Halloween was a huge success!

Its been a great semester and is about to end in 3 weeks, YIKES! But i am excited for the new things to come once i move home for a semester to do my internship!


Jamieson said...

Whoohoo! I am the first one to comment on your blog!

Good job, Rach! Everyone thinks that you made quite the pretty page! Way to go!

I think that you should have given some great stories of your amazing Home Teachers/FHE Brothers! Just a thought! :)


Melissa The Beautiful said...

I love that we can be best friends in all aspects of our lives! And you are pretty!

Camille said...

So you finally did it! Welcome to the blogging world!

Emily said...

I am so excited to be blogging chums. Seriously.